Mary's Haven
A Community Home for the Dying
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Admissions Criteria

Referrals for admission to Mary’s Haven come from Hospice Agencies, 
Self-referrals, Hospitals, Churches and other community members.
 Anyone can make a referral to Mary’s Haven.  

Admission Criteria Include:

  Diagnosis of a terminal illness with a prognosis of 2 months or less.

  Must be enrolled in Hospice or be determined to be Hospice appropriate and have a 
      "Do Not Resuscitate" (DNR) order in place; i.e. no life-sustaining measures to be done.

  Understand that aggressive measures such as CPR, IV’s, feeding tubes, etc. are not considered                    comfort care measures.

  Understand and accept that Mary’s Haven is not a medical facility, but a home staffed
      primarily by trained volunteers both male and female who provide care as a family
      member would for their loved one.

  No extraordinary care needs or difficult behaviors. We must be able to provide safe and comfortable         care that can be managed by staff and volunteers.

  Must be willing to meet with program directors to determine appropriateness of  placement
      at Mary’s Haven.

 Understand that Mary’s Haven is an end-of-life care residence, not a long-term care facility.        Maximum stay at Mary's Haven is 2 months.

  If accepted to Mary’s Haven, understand and be accepting of placement review at 2 months and
      assist in making arrangements for alternate placement should this become necessary. 

 Final selection is not determined by age, color, creed, ethnic or religious background, but by          the person who meets the admission criteria and presents the most immediate and significant               need with the fewest options available to them. 

  All further questions regarding admission eligibility or to tour our home should be
      directed to Robin or Nancy at # 518-584-9397.