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A Very Special Gift

In the Spring of 2009, Mary’s Haven was blessed with new life. A mother robin made a nest in the wreath on the door to the one and only entrance to Mary’s Haven. For weeks, we all watched and prayed that our constant comings and goings would not disturb this precious gift. We tiptoed around the house, some of us even considered crawling out the kitchen window when our shifts ended so as not to disturb the mother while she sat on her nest of eggs. We waited and patiently watched each day wondering when or if our babies would ever hatch.

Finally, the day arrived when we all became the proud parents of 3 baby robins. The excitement in the house was palpable. The residents and their families, as well as the entire Mary’s Haven staff, delighted in sharing this amazing event with our families, friends and everyone who entered Mary’s Haven. We watched the baby robins grow quickly over the next several weeks, taking great pride in every new discovery of growth. When they finally left the nest for the last time, we were a bit saddened as we knew they would now be gone from our immediate sight. Each time we see a robin in the yard, we are reminded of this special event and wonder if it is one of our special babies. 

Mary’s Haven

Much love is given, much care is there,

Love is the password for all to share.

To reach out, to console, to give of one’s self,

To all who have need, Mary’s will give help.

God gave us Mary’s as He gave us love,

He’s waiting for Mary’s to send us above.

There we’ll stay, and will stay to the end of time.

We’ll be in His house, it will be just fine.

To all at Mary’s, you are truly blessed.

You give of your love, your time and your best.

To give comfort, compassion and yet in all of this, 

You’ll always be there for a hug or a kiss.

We thank you God for the wonderful gifts from Mary’s.

by Albert Gilmore in memory of his wife Barbara
January 29,2009